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Our team of consultants operates in several countries, including:

Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, and the

United States .

We are a provider of quality, services for any type of business needs utilizing knowledge and experience of the leading data analysis software platforms.

Our collaboration of highly experienced consultants come from a variety of both public and private sector industries, who are constantly training and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, and, maintaining knowledge and experience with legacy systems to ensure top quality service.

We have chosen for our clients who want to open new business activity in Croatia, only the best professionals Notaries and Accountants present in this country,


We offer services that can help you break new ground in any market.

It is our business to see to it that your business can literally and figuratively go places with the right mix of professional expertise and products and services.

For the global clientele that you wish to tap, our services will only make your journey easier.

The business model which we have created especially for you will help you further in this regard. If you think that your business though in start up , needs the skill sets and the bandwidth to take on these new markets and the new clientele, partnering with us is the only option for you.

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So you want to Start up a Business, a brave move however one that could change your life.

Businesses can fail for many reasons, in our experience it’s because of one main principle “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Have a plan, a simple one will do to start however you need a business plan.

Secondly get a Mentor, or a Devil's advocate if you prefer.

Someone who can be realistic and creative with you.

With these two elements you are half way there.

What can Angels Consultants d.o.o offer;

We can get you on the ladder with a business and the entire toolkit you are going to need:

- A tailored Business plan including cash flow , essential for the moving forward and staying focused.

- An experienced Business Mentor by telephone or in person– There when you need them and in the background when not.

- A complete checklist of the compliance and necessary paper work you will have to have.

- Your Limited Company of choice with a registered office

- Bank Account

- Website, includes name and setup of emails with stationary

- Brand identity

- High quality Business Cards and Letterhead templates

Before you spend your first pound talk to Angels Consultants d.o.o and find out the pitfalls and problems, then you can avoid them and get with your business.

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Thanks to our staff of international specialists carrying out studies multi-national research of Public Procurement

practices and policies which develops international comparative procurement benchmarks and enhances the body of knowledge in government procurement is a prestigious group of eminent procurement executives and researchers from centres of excellence in procurement around the world who are endeavouring to develop the procurement body of knowledge and the procurement profession.

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Our consultants can work direct to private or public clients offering expert strategic advice on renewable choice and design and meeting sustainability goals along with any benefits you will receive from such systems from government tariffs.

Our approach and design solutions help to reduce operating costs without impacting on clients’ strategic objective aspirations.

Angels Consultants d.o.o will be able to provide an array of services, information and expertise in many of the aspects surround the use of natural energy sources, and the available renewable energy financing options which may be available from government or local authority.

Using energy consulting services, can take the strain of research off you and advise you in the best approach to a renewable energy system installation.

The services of renewable energy consultants can range from general advice, to plans for integration and the checking of renewable energy plans.

The use of natural energy sources is a great way to improve the quality of our environment and Angels Consultants d.o.o along with its group of experts external collaborators can help you achieve this goal.

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Angels Consultants d.o.o has a staff external collaborators International of experts known as TALENT SCOUT for singers, actors, models and dancers.

It is a launching pad for international exposure and industry opportunities.

making photographic services AND CASTING to select artists that fit the requirements.

You choose aspiring artists or artists based on merit, who are of exceptional talent, or artists who will match the needs of certain managers and agents who attend her event.

Helping with our work directors and casting directors for up and coming projects.

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Creation of Events and Meetings...

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Offer a professional and affordable virtual office solution tailored to your business.

Our virtual office service can accommodate your requirements by providing a flexible choice which can be adapted as your business grows.

Why Use Our Virtual Office ?

Setting up a new business requires a large financial outlay and takes up valuable time. costs to the minimum, have support on hand and arrange your schedule to suit you.

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Angels Consultants d.o.o




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Mon-Fri: 9-6pm

Sat: 9-12

Sun: Closed


Registered Office:

Boze Gumpca 36


OIB (VAT) 48187009333

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